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Site FeedbackS02018-03-26 05:43:23.927Z
JS Closures

Hi, can anyone help me with Extension: Challenge 5 in

ProgrammingAK22018-10-16 08:02:07.605Z
How to make a parametric function to return the Custom React Component depending on the given param?

I want to make a parametric function to return the React Component with depending the parameter I will give when will call it... for example function customRender(----){ return(< ---- />) } for if I call ----> customRender(App); it might return the <...

ProgrammingZS12018-05-05 14:30:55.303Z
hacking learning

can you help me, how to calculate ip address of another computer?

ProgrammingSK42018-04-27 17:12:08.750Z
Upgrading old React code to react 16

Hi Can anyone help me to upgrade this code into react 16? I'm getting error when I change var to const Thanks

ProgrammingAKS32018-04-26 03:01:12.687Z
Site feedback chat

How can this community be changed & improved?

Site FeedbackK12018-04-18 06:07:01.882Z
What are the local CS departments strong and weak at?

What is AUA's strongest focus in CS? What about YSU?

Local UniversitiesA02018-04-02 20:12:38.288Z
About the Programming category

Questions and discussions about coding, e.g. JavaScript, Node.js, Python, C++, HTML & CSS, React, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, etc.

ProgrammingK02018-04-02 20:11:44.531Z
How can I learn JavaScript ?

Check out the many JavaScript blog posts here:

ProgrammingA02018-04-02 19:40:27.700Z
How much I should be paid?

Ask around but one place you can start is here:

Job AdviceA02018-04-02 19:39:16.775Z
Explain icons...
About the Local Universities category

discuss classes and local computer science departments, YSU, AUA, polytech, RAU

Local UniversitiesK02018-04-02 19:38:10.149Z
About the Events category

Talk about local upcoming events here

EventsK02018-04-02 19:37:32.065Z
About the Job Advice category

interview prep help, common interview questions and prep, talk about workplace issues.

Job AdviceK02018-04-02 19:36:25.646Z
About the Startups category

Discussions about the startup scene, what's hot and moving

StartupsK02018-04-02 19:34:17.550Z
About the Linux, Git, tools category

Questions and discussions about e.g. Linux, Git, Docker and other things.

Linux, Git, ToolsK02018-04-01 07:48:39.335Z
Example discussion

This is an open ended discussion. Good comments rise to the top, and people can click Disagree to show that they disagree about something.

Site FeedbackSK12018-03-27 10:35:25.620Z
About the Site Feedback category

Discussions and ideas about how this site works and how it can be improved.

Site FeedbackS02018-03-26 05:51:52.852Z
Example idea

This is an example idea. Click the idea icon to the left of the title (i.e. ) to change status from New Idea, to Planned-to-do, to Doing-now, to Done. In the topic list, everyone sees the status of the idea at a glance — the status icon is shown to t...

Site FeedbackS02018-03-26 05:43:24.312Z
Example question

This is an example question. Click "Solution" below to accept an answer. In the topic list, everyone sees that this is a question, and if it's new (the icon), or if it's been answered ( the icon). In the topic list: To see all unanswered questions, c...

Site FeedbackS12018-03-26 05:43:24.266Z
Example problem

If you get a report about something being broken, and you need to fix it, you can change the topic type to Problem (like this topic) — click the pencil to the right of the title. Then, when you decide to fix the problem, click to the left of the titl...

Site FeedbackS02018-03-26 05:43:24.127Z