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JS Closures

By Aram Mikayelyan @Aram2018-09-22 09:28:00.479Z

Hi, can anyone help me with Extension: Challenge 5 in

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  1. A
    Aram Mikayelyan @Aram2018-09-22 12:26:17.535Z

    Here's my code

    1. K
      In reply toAram:
      @KajMagnus2018-10-16 08:02:07.605Z

      Hello Aram, to get help, you should say what the problem you have, is. Right now you have just posted a bit code with no further info, except that you need some kind of help with something.

      It'd be better if you copy-paste the actual code, instead of a screenshot of the code. People cannot copy-paste code from the screenshot, if they want to include a snippet in their replies.