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Where are the people from the hackerspace ?!? :-D

By Emilien @Emilien2018-11-13 15:01:17.488Z

Hey hello !
We're two digital artists and researchers from France, in Erevan for hollidays for a few days and we've seen on your website it was open today, which is apparently not the case (AUA building room 408E) :-)
Call us or text us if you wanna join and have a drink somewhere

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  1. K
    @KajMagnus2018-11-13 20:36:59.723Z

    I think the website isn't updated so often and is out of date. (I'm from Sweden and i was in Yerevan in November-December last year.)

    I think if you ask here: you will get accurate up-to-date info ... Oh now I noticed you've posted there already :- )